3 Clever Ways to Use (Real) Marketing Automation

Written by Marta Pereira , posted November 16, 2016
Automation Illustration

What is Marketing Automation? If you work in marketing and haven’t been living in outer space for the past few years, then you are probably familiar with the concept of Marketing Automation. To be honest, the term is quite self-descriptive: put simply, it’s the ability to automate marketing tasks. The goal is to free people […]

BySide @ WebSummit – Thursday, the final day

Written by Renata Castro , posted November 13, 2016

It’s quarter to seven on Thursday, November 9th 2016, and people are still asking questions. What is Lead Activation exactly? What type of clients do you help? When can we try ByTalk? The stage lights went off, everyone is packing up and the team is exhausted. But there’s only one feeling among us: mission accomplished. What makes […]

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