by Renata Castro
on October 12, 2016


BySide and FullSIX have been long standing partners in innovation, combining creativity and technology to create experiences.

The latest collaboration resulted in the creation of a wake-up call for McDonald’s clients and all their friends with difficult mornings.

FullSIX got in touch with BySide and once they told us their idea, we were very excited to turn it into reality using our platform’s marketing automation engine.

The concept

The idea was simple: to create an out-of-the-box referral scheme in which the brand’s most faithful clients could become ambassadors of the McDonald’s breakfast offer.

Mornings can be tough, so nothing better than to have a little help from your friends to start the day with a smile on your face.

The campaign, called “Wake-up service” (a direct translation of the original name in Portuguese, “Serviço Despertar”, gave everyone the chance to get a free breakfast at McDonald’s and invite up to three friends to get one too. The format of the invitation was peculiar: a wake-up call.

How it worked

The campaign was available at, a dedicated landing page where the user was able to register.

Registration was done through Facebook Connect and the user could choose up to three friends, introduce their phone numbers, and then select one of five “alarm sounds” to be used in the call (rooster crowing, a boat whistling, a trumpet playing, an alarm clock ringing and a guitar playing); they were also able to choose the time and date of the call (between 7 and 11 AM – no middle-of-the-night pranks allowed!).

Once the participant’s friend had answered the call, an SMS was sent to both (participant and friend) with a link to download the free breakfast coupon.

BySide’s contribution

To bring this project to life we used BySide’s multichannel marketing automation capabilities.

Once friends’ details were given, their contact information was passed onto the platform and a personalised outbound call with the selected audio message was triggered at the chosen date and time.

Then, when the contact was finished, an SMS was automatically sent through the platform to both referee and referral with the shortened URL of the page where they could download the coupon. The content of the text message was personalised according to the status of the call. For those referrals who had not picked up the call earlier and therefore were not yet aware of the campaign, there was some contextualisation in the text. These messages also included the name of the referee, so that everyone was able to know who was making the offer.

This type of marketing automation workflows, which allow companies to use any piece of information as a trigger to an engagement initiative is one of our platform’s most powerful – and most widely used – features. It is possible not only to use customer or lead information to trigger a campaign, but to use that very campaign’s results to automate a follow-up. Integrated email, sms and call systems allow for multiple campaign mediums to be used in the same workflow without any technical implementation.

Essentially, these capabilities are the basis for what the marketing industry commonly calls Lead Nurturing. Classic usage examples could be: sending and SMS x hours after an unsuccessful call (company tries to call the customer but there is no answer); send a recovery email x hours after a basket is abandoned and if there isn’t any conversion within x days, automate an outbound call.

The result

The campaign has managed to successfully get twelve thousand people out of bed – hopefully all with a smile on their faces! Now, that’s not an easy task, is it? Can you imagine that measured in coffee and pancakes?


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