Micro-moments: what are they and what do they mean for marketing?

Written by Marta Pereira , posted February 22, 2017
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Marketing has always been about understanding the consumer decision process. Back in the 60s, when the discipline was starting to grow, authors Engel, Kollat, and Blackwell (1968) published what is known to be the first Consumer Decision Model, which after a number of revisions looked like this (…)

Do you have a bulletproof a/b testing? Check out 3 of our best practices!

Written by Renata Castro , posted February 07, 2017

When building a webpage, design and content are always major concerns. Decisions over these matters are often difficult to take: everyone has an opinion based on their personal taste and on what they think will work best. But if you are focused on driving performance, decisions should not rely on these subjective views – your […]

3 Clever Ways to Use (Real) Marketing Automation

Written by Marta Pereira , posted November 16, 2016
Automation Illustration

What is Marketing Automation? If you work in marketing and haven’t been living in outer space for the past few years, then you are probably familiar with the concept of Marketing Automation. To be honest, the term is quite self-descriptive: put simply, it’s the ability to automate marketing tasks. The goal is to free people […]

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