A Quick Guide to Call Tracking

Written by Marta Pereira , posted December 15, 2016
Girl making a call

  Call Tracker – the basics   If calls are one of your sales channels – and for most companies, they still are – then you should learn about Call Tracking. Whilst analytics tools are usually great to measure whatever happens online (conversions included) it’s often very difficult to know which particular marketing effort generated […]

BySide @ WebSummit – Thursday, the final day

Written by Renata Castro , posted November 13, 2016

It’s quarter to seven on Thursday, November 9th 2016, and people are still asking questions. What is Lead Activation exactly? What type of clients do you help? When can we try ByTalk? The stage lights went off, everyone is packing up and the team is exhausted. But there’s only one feeling among us: mission accomplished. What makes […]

BySide @ WebSummit | Wednesday

Written by Renata Castro , posted November 10, 2016

WebSummit’s second day began with quite unexpected news, with Donald Trump’s victory striking many attendees as a surprise. Sure, WebSummit’s not about politics – but it would be naïve to pretend that technology as an industry will not suffer any impacts from such a major political shift. Proof of that is that one of WebSummit’s first speeches on […]

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