by Renata Castro
on November 10, 2016

WebSummit’s second day began with quite unexpected news, with Donald Trump’s victory striking many attendees as a surprise.

Sure, WebSummit’s not about politics – but it would be naïve to pretend that technology as an industry will not suffer any impacts from such a major political shift.

Proof of that is that one of WebSummit’s first speeches on Wednesday was precisely about the US elections. In his opening speech, Paddy Cosgrave asked everyone in MEO Arena to switch on the flashlights on their mobile phones as a symbol of hope for the future.



Mood of the second day


After a hectic first day, the pace slowed down a little bit as everyone started to focus on the conferences and companies that mattered the most to their own business. The previous day had been long (and, for some, the night was even longer), but while people felt a little tired, their interest didn’t fade away.

ByTalk continued to captivate a lot of people. The event worked as a successful proof of concept. We could see that the unified communications (voice, email, sms, web and mobile) – with a simple and intuitive interface – was something that was really missing in the market.

Here’s a short demo, in case you were not able to see it at the event:





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